What Connee Knows - Executive Summary 6/14/01

Hi, friends,

I haven't been on the Net much lately, and I won't have responded to an email if you sent me one. Rather than be rude, I thought I'd cut to the chase and tell you all I know so far and save time for everybody. I apologize to those who didn't ask me - please move on as quickly as possible and have a nice day.

The one line VIP Executive Summary is at the end if you donít have time for this. If you want to hear more of what I have to say, please call me or leave a message. Or send me an email and enjoy being very, very patient.

I always love you, especially when I disappear for a bit.


What Connee Knows Executive Summary 6/14/01

1. I am very grateful that you are my friend. I always have been, and I always will be.

2. Some people will give you a gift. Others will sell you one. Or, you can just make one with the stuff at hand.

3. Never lower the dignity of another human being.

3. Grass likes being walked on.

4. Donít worry about what the other kids are thinking too much.

5. Stop, relax and look up.

6. Jousting is fun. The need for battle is an illusion.

7. Partnership is inevitable. It just may be with a parrot. Or a peach.

8. I will survive, no matter what choice I make at any juncture.

11. If you are tired, rest.

12. If you are bored, get up and do something. Work if you have to.

13. Invite someone interesting to a picnic.

14. Determine what it takes to have a great day. Do it.


16. It can be fun to fill in the blanks.

17. You can do the ritual just because it's fun to wear the plumed hat.

18. What looks like a mistake, probably isn't.

What Connee Knows Ė The Top Ten List 10/22/01

  1. The elephant in the living room is God. Always. There is nothing else for it to be.
  1. We are each wearing blinders, but we are also each seeing one bright, precious piece of the truth clearly. In defending the truth of our own piece, we lose the gift of hearing the othersí pieces, and ultimately, also our own.
  1. Some head folks think the heart folks are irrational.
  1. Some heart folks feel the head folks as abusive.
  1. Both sides are right.
  1. Except in their judgments about each other.
    1. You may insert any two opposing group names in numbers 8 and 7.
  1. Many bridges are being built and doors opened in our local communities. We are a microcosm of a world seeking peace within infinite diversity.
  1. The Internet amplifies the glimpses of the truth offered by individuals and helps prevent them from being lost.
  1. Our community has evolved beyond time and space. Spiritual leadership is now both non-local and diffuse simultaneously with being physically present in a building or at a meeting. It shifts continually from one person to another.
  1. We are about Godís business of building true spiritual family.

  2. Oh, and we would help everything if we didnít forget the zero pointÖ

0   This contains truth only in those areas where I am not still blinded.

The final word.

Knowing the end of the movie changes the quality of the experience.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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