Abraham List Class 13

Content & Assignment:  Who Am I?

compiled by Connee Chandler

Theme quotes for this week:

"Imagine your highest dream of who you want to become, and know that your greatest vision falls short of that which the Divine has in store for you."

--from Ariel (quoted by Paula Sirois)

"What I write, say, think and feel today is setting my tone to the Universe to create what my whole life is going to look like tomorrow."

Connee Chandler

Abraham has spoken on several tapes about "telling the Universe who you are." In fact, with each word we say, thought we think, feeling we feel, we are telling the Universe who we are. And the Universe is endlessly responding.

The world you currently live in is the sum total of all the feelings, moods, words and thoughts that you have offered in your life. Much of it has entered your experience by default. We absorb the mental climate of the culture around us, which highlights fear, danger and sensationalism because it sells well in the media. We absorb the feelings of our families, friends, teachers and mates.

Abraham teaches about deliberate creation. You become a deliberate creator at the point in your life where you are willing to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you as being a vibrational match to what you are offering to the Universe through your moods.

100% responsibility sounds really scary, because it means giving up the blame that we normally project on other people when things go wrong. Many people substitute the blame with guilt, continuing to blame, but now blaming themselves for what they don't like about their lives. It is still the vibration of blame, and things do not improve much.

We make the leap to true deliberate creation when we make a choice, even once, to find a thought that feels better. With that thought, and the corresponding feeling, we change our mood. Once the tone we send to the Universe changes, our experience changes. By Law of Attraction, it has to change.

While we continue to blame, complain, criticize and focus on our pain or anger, we create more like it in our lives. As we make the choice to sometimes turn away from the stuff we don't like, and ponder things we like better, we create more of what we like better. The easiest way for most people to ponder things they like better is to find things to appreciate.

For some people, it is a simple choice. For others, it is very difficult to turn away from familiar patterns, however painful, and make a new decision and a fresh start. For most people, it takes some effort to focus on more pleasant thoughts for at least 17 seconds at a time, but the effort pays off a thousand fold.

Abraham lately has been quickly interrupting people in the workshops who want to offer a litany of problems. They point out, often over and over again, that they are not helping the person by allowing them to vent their negative emotion, because that is just creating a more extensive negative reality for them to pivot from. Some people simply are unable to turn away from their negative recitation, and Abraham does not allow them to speak any more, but turns to the next questioner who can speak on what they want rather than what they don't want.

Abraham says that our mothers have taught us that the way to get attention it to be a squeaky wheel. And so when we throw a tantrum, and our mother gives us what we want, she is circumventing the Law of Attraction temporarily. Thus, we learn that we get what we want by complaining and crying or getting angry. The Universe doesn't work that way, though. The Universe responds only to our vibrational match to what we want. Otherwise, the Universe gives us the negative match we are vibrating.

Abraham says that when it becomes as easy for us to list the things we want, as the things we don't want, then there is a profound turn around in the manifestation in our lives. The "Who Am I?" process Abraham suggests is a way to turn our powerful focus through writing to setting a tone we will delight in the Universe matching. You start by asking the question "Who Is…?" and then filling in your name.

Ilana Goldman, ilanagoldman@yahoo.com, started us off on the Abe List with the following wonderful writing, which she called " "personal adaptation off Abe's latest weekly tape, August 30, 1998."

"Who is Ilana?

She is clear minded... lots of fun... feels great in her body... has lots of beautiful clothes... her home really is in order... has so much money that she does not pay too much attention as to what she spends... she has taken money out of the equation, she just pretty much goes where she wants where she wants... because the dollars flow so easily, she does not equate what she or her husband do with the dollars because they just do what they love and the dollars flow with that too... People love being around her... she is a get about, she loves parties, she loves social situations... And she is a home body, she loves her garden... she loves simple, elegant things, she doesn't like a lot of clutter around her... Moderate jewelry, always expensive, moderate clothes, always expensive... she likes harmony with her family and has it..."

Doretta, joyousme@aol.com, continued and expanded the thread with this one:

"So, who is Doretta?

Doretta is fun-loving and brings her own panache to every situation she finds herself in. She loves to bring smiles to the faces of the people around her. Especially to those who light up when they feel like they've been relieved of some burden they've been carrying around. She adores finding the humor in even the most seemingly dire circumstances.

Doretta really loves when she's excited about the projects she's working on. She loves when she feels inspired and always manages to enlist the Universe's help to bring her something that rings her bells and whistles, so that she feels like jumping right in to feel the thrill of watching her creations evolve. Doretta feels the highest of highs when she feels led, when she KNOWS she's in partnership with the Universe in bringing into being that which never existed before.

Doretta loves watching her life getting better and better every day. She loves to see herself evolve into living all she's been dreaming about. She marvels as each manifestation appears in her life, just like she's been wanting. She really gets off on being the most magnificent deliberate creator she can be. She loves the ease of it, all and each new manifestation just makes it easier and easier to believe all can be had."

Both Ilana and Doretta found language to describe themselves that felt good and resonated with their desires. Each of them made a powerful statement to the Universe in her writing, and both commented on how good the exercise made them feel. That is the key, of course. In doing what makes us feel good, we are allowing the Universe to create for us a beautiful life.


Write a powerful, delightful statement of who you are to the Universe, filling in details that bring you to a good feeling place. Start by saying "Who is _____" and filling in the blank with your name. Writing is your strongest point of focus. Notice also what you write and say about yourself in other places this week, so you see what you are telling the Universe about yourself when you are not in full awareness of your deliberate creation. Begin to choose to focus on thoughts that make you feel better and bring you pleasure in all areas of your life.

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