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What does Abraham say about tithing?

"Now, let's talk about that subject of tithing for just a moment. A lot of people ask about tithing, because they have been told that there is benefit in it. And they're usually told that by those who will receive the benefit from their tithing. In other words, "tithing is a good thing, give your money to me and your life will be better," is the general picture of tithing. The reason that tithing is beneficial is because, if you feel abundant enough that you have excess that you don't have to have, the excess is a vibration of Well-being. In other words, "I've not only got enough money for what I need, I have extra money," and so, it's that vibration of Well-being that a allows more dollars to flow. So we encourage that you tithe your clothing account, that you tithe your vacation account, that you tithe your eating-at-a-special- restaurant account. In other words, you don't have to tithe a church or a guru. Tithe yourself, but get into the attitude of excess. In other words, "not only can I meet my basic requirements, but I have excess that I can do other things with", because it's that vibration of abundance, that vibration of excess."

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