Personal Vocal Training and History

Carol Willis Simsak has been teaching through “The Voice Gallery”, and now “Simsak’s Voice Gallery” since 1992.

Carol began her vocal training in ernest in the fall of 1976 at the age of 14, when she first soloed with Seattle Opera’s production of Werther, by ,Massenett, in the autumn of 1976. She also traveled as the youngest member in America’s Youth In Concert during the summer of 1978, where she sang the Soprano solo in Mozart’s Coronation Mass backed by a 200 voice choir and 200 piece orchestra. The group was made up of talented students between the ages of 15 and 22, living in the USA. Those concerts included stops at the Carnegie Hall in New york City, USA, Notre Dam Cathedral in Paris, France, and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England, along with performances in Rome, Venice and Florence, Italy, and cities in four other Countries, before returning home to the Pacific Northwest, where for over 3 decades she made her home and built her reputation as the most sought after Singing teacher in all of Kitsap and King Counties, and many neighboring counties as well.

It was during that 1978 Summer concert tour through New York and Western Europe that she fell in love with Operatic Singing, and knew that this was what she would devote her life to studying, teaching, and enjoying from the audience. was during this busy time in her young life that she discovered that her voice had been pushed too hard, while she was to young. So for her First years in the University of Washington Music School, she rested her voice and focused her love of music on violin performance, at which she had also excelled beginning in 1970.

Carol Willis Simsak, also known through the years as Carol Woods Willis and Carol Willis Buechler, studied under Phyllis Petersen, of Bellevue, WA, and Susan Clickner at the New England Conservatory (NEC) of Music in Boston. She worked with Hans Wolf both at the Seattle Opera and the Tacoma Opera Guild, both located in Washington state. During those years she and some of her fellow students performed professionally at private parties, Boston’s “Old English Christmas Carolers”, and various churches, including the Old South Church and the well known Old North Church, where Paul Revere once set his eyes to see if the English were coming (1 lamp if by land, or 2 lamps if by sea). She also starred in multiple Musical Theater roles, beginning with Dorothy in the 1977 Bainbridge Island production of The Wizard of Oz, and ending in 1998 as Marion the Librarian in the Bremerton, WA production of The Music Man.

For about four decades Carol Willis Simsak made the Pacific Northwest her home, gradually building her reputation and becoming the most sought after Singing Teacher in her area.

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In 2008, after experiencing both the loss of her infant daughter, and her eldest son leaving to study filmmaking at Hampshire College in MA, Carol’s doctor recommended that she move to somewhere with more sunlight than was found in the Pacific Northwest. So her spouse and their youngest son moved to the Austin area, and are now living on a 10 acre home ranch in Elgin, Texas. She lives where her horses can run together as a herd. (some purebred horses are for sale to the right owners), where she spends time raising chickens for eggs, and keeps a kitchen garden where she grows fruits, vegetables and herbs for her family and friends.

Carol is an avid knitter and has an Etsy shop (click here to connect) where she displays some of her hand knit One-Of-A-Kind hats, shawls, scarves, cowls, and blankets of all sizes. Carol prefers to use hand dyed & hand spun yarns of natural materials for her projects, and makes most of her creations for those who commission her for special projects and unique color combinations.

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