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Carol offers lessons in Elgin, TX at her home studio and also in the Austin and Bastrop areas at students’ homes. Carol will soon be making regular trips to her home on Bainbridge Island, where she will continue her voice lessons for any who wish to fine tune their voices, be that speaking or singing. See prices and policies.

In Person Voice Lessons for Singers

I teach how to correctly use your breath while keeping the tone clear and vibrant and your own. Through exercises, practice and gradually strengthening the correct muscles, we will work first with Italian light arias and light songs — chosen carefully to allow the strength in your natural singing voice to evolve and take on its own character while resonating with your own richness and beauty. Read more.

Transgender Voices

I have dedicated a great deal of my time to helping transgender men and women to find their authentic voices, and move through the world sounding in accordance with their bodies and souls. Read more.

Classical Singing

Opera was invented by a group of philosophers and artists who gathered regularly, and wanted to developed a “New” art form. “Opera”, previously, had been very much limited to the Catholic Church Read more.


My technique has been used in Italian vocal training ever since Opera was created in 1597. There are other techniques used by many teachers, but it has been my experience that the methods I use are more natural to the voice, therefore prolonging the lifetime of the singing voice. Breathing and support techniques transfer to all styles of singing, whereas practicing only one style of music (musical theater, Jazz, etc) does not help the singer to cross styles the way Italian Opera technique does.

“Opera is the Olympics of singing. Learn that correctly and you can sing anywhere.” Robert and Phyllis Petersen, Opera singers and teachers in Peterson’s Voice Studio in Bellevue, WA.

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