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Transgender Feminization/Masclinization Training

Carol has a transgender family member (FtM) and discovered that in her area of Austin and surrounding cities, she could not find a voice therapist who addressed the unique needs of the transgender community. Carol recalled her Opera training and realized she could help him use his voice correctly. Because he was taking testosterone, they were concerned about the common voice “break” that terrifies most teenage boys. She was able to help him bypass that phase and taught him the more masculine cadences, phrasing patterns, inflection and rhythm of male speech as well as a deeper breathing for a richer tone to match of his masculine identity.

Once she began offering this service to others, more and more transgender adults began coming to her for help. Transgender females (MtF) have the difficult task of strengthening the higher end of their voices without sounding squeaky, and are coached in volume control, cadence, breathing, and more melodic phrasing that is unique to the female voice.

Carol has now dedicated a great deal of her time in her studio to helping transgender men and women to find their own voices, moveing through the world sounding in accordance with their gender identities.

Dr. Freeman of Austin’s Downtown Doctors refers all of her transgender clients to Carol Simsak, and has offered her voice to those who have kindly written the recommendations you see here on this website. You will also find a link to Dr. Freeman and Downtown Doctors under her own witness to the changes she hears in her clients.

Every man deserves to be called “Sir”, whether on the phone or in person, and every woman deserves to be called “Miss”, or “Ma’am” no matter to whom she speaks. Carol can help you to make that happen!

We are ALL equal. No exceptions.

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