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This website is a labor of Love, fully appreciating the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks, Abraham-Hicks, and Abraham Hicks Publications, as it is offered to the world's appreciators of them by David W. Gordon to the largest online community assembled of Abraham-Hicks appreciators since 1995.   The official Abraham-Hicks site can be found here. At the official website you will find the Teachings of Abraham directly as they are put forward by Esther and Jerry Hicks in a myriad of published forms, as well as their schedule of live workshops and events.  

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These groups are owned and administered by David W. Gordon, for the purpose of connecting appreciators of Abraham from around the globe.  Members from all over the world discuss, ask, answer, and rampage on the topic "Abraham and You".  For more details, click on the links for the discussion groups themselves.


The Abe Forum Abraham-Hicks topic www.abeforum.com

This is the newest "incarnation" of the online community.  There you will find a large group of Abraham-Hicks Appreciators discussing the teachings with all the "bells and whistles" of a state-of-the-art internet bulletin board.  Click HERE to start reading the discussion and HERE to register and join in on the experience.  Administered by David W. Gordon, the Forum grows each day and is itself a valuable resource of dynamic Abraham information.


The Abe List Abraham-Hicks topic

"The Abe List" is the formerly named Abraham-Hicks Yahoogroup has been online since 1995, acquired by David in 1998, and since then has changed forms and interfaces but has never changed its purpose and feeling.  This group is the oldest and by far, the largest discussion of "Abraham and You" in the world and it resides with this Yahoo Group.  Click HERE to view and join this group.   


Abraham Singles dating website is formed. Click here.

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