Transcription of Conversation Between Abraham and David Gordon

Seminar on April 18, 1998 - Silver Springs, MD

In 1998 David took over the fledgling mailing list discussion on Abraham's teachings.  Called to the hotseat, David wanted Abraham's direct input to guide him in the administration of the group.  As you can see from this amazing interaction, Abraham not only validated David's instincts on how to administer the group, but they prophesied its continual growth, expansion, and evolution.  Today, the Abe List and the new Abe Forum, are clearly the manifestations of what was put in motion by David's strong intent and inspired action over these years.

ABRAHAM: Right here. You've just been given a new birth.

DAVID: That's going to be a hard one.

ABRAHAM: Better than a lobotomy.

DAVID: What a wonderful act to follow. I have been given the wonderful opportunity to administer an E-mail list for the body of information that is Abraham-Hicks. There are over 140 people on this list. It's been in existence for about three years.

ABRAHAM: How did it come about? How did it begin?

DAVID: It came about by a particular individual who is in this room coming up with the idea of linking on-line folks on the leading edge, as we are, together to discuss the works of Abraham.

ABRAHAM: So they are independent students of the process of deliberate creation.


ABRAHAM: Who get together electronically and talk about their successes with the application of the laws?

DAVID: Exactly.

ABRAHAM: Wonderful.

DAVID: They can do that. They can do anything that they want.

ABRAHAM: Well, that's not the Abraham list then, in other words.

DAVID: It's not associated ---

ABRAHAM: If they are coming together to speak about deliberate creation, give it the name of Abraham.

DAVID: Exactly.

ABRAHAM: If it is something other than that, take the name of Abraham away.

DAVID: Exactly. For the most part, what is discussed on this mailing list is very essentially what is discussed in a forum as we have here in this room.


DAVID: However, because of the volume of people that are on the list, and in fact it is free to all…..


DAVID: There are other things that get posted to it.


DAVID: Such as jokes and unrelated information.


DAVID: This list now operates at better than 100 posts per day and it is becoming very heavy. It's been a lot to deal with for many, and they aren't subscribing to the list. There are very good people who have a lot to say….


DAVID: …who are very good teachers.


DAVID: And who are very clear on what is professed by Abraham, and very, very good at discussing anything that has to be discussed in a very academic way. This list is a wonderful channel, a wonderful medium for co-creators such as ourselves to meet each other and as a matter of fact, it is the way that I met my spouse, my mate. We found so much in common that we were absolutely certain that the fairies of the Universe were involved, and in fact, I believe that we both believe that they were.

And it has done that for other people as well. It is very powerful. The situation that we have now is because of the fact that it is so free and so easy that a lot of unrelated stuff is going to it, and as its new administrator, I would like to know what Abraham says directly about the law of allowing to this, and how to have it so that the highest and best benefits result.

ABRAHAM: Well, you see, we want to talk about allowing because most people when they hear the word think that what allowing means is just putting up with whatever is, and finding a way to feel good about it, where what allowing really is is setting your tone so that it is in vibrationally harmony with your core, so that they what is allowed into your experience is only that which is vibrationally up to speed with your core.

Now, we are not in any way trying to guide anyone away from anything, in other words, because we understand law of attraction. You may notice we have interacted with you in many forums such as this and you know even as you listen in as we are all participating together, that we are very attentive to the vibration of the individual. In other words, we listen to a certain extent but we are very aware of the vibrational levels of the room, and so when something begins to tip a little heavily to one side, we always work to modulate the energy to bring it back.

In other words, we are a group of beings that are modulating energy. There is a synergism that takes place, and everyone in the room is affected by the mix of energy that comes in. In other words, sometimes people will ask Jerry and Esther if they can attend a Sunday when they haven't been here on a Saturday, and Esther's question always is if they've heard some tapes, and if they are vibrationally up to speed, then it is a possibility, but there is a moving of the energy, you see.

And so what happens when you are opening to -- and that's why we sort of jumped in there a little strong when you said anything is allowed is we want you to set your vibrational tone because you don't want anything to be allowed, if it's not vibrationally up to speed with who you are.

You see, if it were a live forum where one of you were standing as Abraham stands, where we were able to moment by moment modulate the energy so that we were able to collectively keep the vibration up, up, up, up, up, then it doesn't matter what else is happening peripherally, the vibration is there.

But if you get out of balance on a newsletter list where there are a lot of people with grievances so that there is an imbalance and then people that are reading in, like Esther was listening to the radio this morning rather than setting her tone to find that vibration, then you've got this topsy-turvy thing that is happening all along and that's why it feels like it requires so much maintenance.

In other words, as the administrator, there is a temptation to believe that it is now your job to offer the vibration of all others and you just can't do that.

And so that is the reason that something like this usually does not -- it expands to a certain point, and then it usually fragments while people who have been communicating together go off and begin their own list. Some of them resonate with each other and they go off and tell jokes. Others found a common interest in red cars and they go off and discuss that. Others, the core who are really exhilarated about deliberate creation stay right there and talk about deliberate creation.

And when you set the tone about what is most important to you, then that core group of people stays with you and the core continues to grow, but the core grows in its vibrational harmony with what it began.

Do you see what we're getting at?

DAVID: I do.

ABRAHAM: And so there is this feeling, and many people will throw this back to you. Well, you're not allowing if you are not willing to put up with my off-color jokes, or if you are not willing to love me, and tell them that Abraham says about that ---


ABRAHAM: That allowing is not about tolerating something that is vibrationally offensive. Allowing is about setting your tone so that only that which is in harmony with your tone is allowed to come to you.

DAVID: Okay. As the administrator, I could easily just say to anyone who has a particular on-line account to this list, a subscription to this list, you are no longer allowed to it. We had an incident where there were a couple being pornographic on the list, and they were disallowed and everyone was very grateful when that happened.

I will have that ability also, but I have the capacity now to do that with someone even posting a joke that is unrelated to anything metaphysical, a silly joke, and so that would be my decision to make, and of course, I would have to allow that.

ABRAHAM: That's a hard spot to be in, isn't it?

DAVID: Yes, you bet.

ABRAHAM: Because even that which you call God doesn't do that. In other words, all things are allowed. What we're encouraging you to do is to be so clear about who you are and what you want relative to this subject that you permeate it so powerfully that that which is not in vibrational harmony with that feels uncomfortable being there.

In other words, if somebody posts something really negative, really ornery about something, and they are really coming in on something, don't treat them like their mother and dive right in and give them your full attention. Everybody on the list says, oh, poor you, let me see if I can help, let me see if I can help.

Very often, and Jerry and Esther have chatted about this before, someone will have a conversation with Abraham and we will discuss it fully and the energy of that person will change dramatically, and then on the next segment of refreshment, they will be surrounded by well-wishers who take them right back into the energy that they were in before it happened, you see.

So what you're wanting to do is allow them to speak what they speak, and then don't hit it head-on. In other words, don't go right back and dig in and cause them to justify more where they stand. Instead, take the information, let it settle within you, and then from your connected place now speak upon that subject from your broader insight perspective, and trust that if they are really asking, they will get it, you see.

DAVID: Excellent.

ABRAHAM: What Jerry and Esther found as they tapped into that a time or two was that there was so much that at the time that they tapped in -- in other words they have not been into the list more than three or four times -- and people have mimeographed things and sent them, but what they found uncomfortable about it was there was so much that they read that took their vibration to another place that they had a difficult time getting their vibration back. And so the list was serving its opposite reason for existence, you see.

DAVID: Right, right.

ABRAHAM: And so that's why it's almost better to start at the beginning again. In other words, put a proclamation out. This is who we are and this is what we desire, and if you want to play with us, come on and play.

DAVID: Absolutely. This was set up that way by its current owner.

ABRAHAM: Yes, yes.

DAVID: And anyone that veers away from that purpose, and that's very easy to do, can be disallowed by me as the administrator.

ABRAHAM: But wait, but wait. You see, here's the thing that we very much want you to hear. Don't try to mess with the law of attraction, and don't take it upon yourself to be the allower or disallower. Instead what you are wanting to do is to set the tone so clearly and then let law of attraction take care of the rest. Then it will be free-flowing and it will be exhilarating.

DAVID: Good.

ABRAHAM: In other words, Esther felt as she visited with you, she said to Jerry afterwards, she said that didn't come out the way I meant for it to come out at all because she does not -- she was feeling a bit guarded about it, and you are feeling a bit guarded about it, and we are not wanting any of you to feel guarded about it, we are wanting you to feel optimistic and eager about it. We don't want you to take it upon yourself to be responsible for what anybody else says. That's not your job. You don't have to monitor it or keep it in a good place. That's not your job.

Your job is to keep reminding yourself and anybody who wants to know who you are and what this is about, and what the premises of law of attraction are about, and what deliberate creation is about, and encourage others to embrace the idea and participate in their tales of success.

But let them know that this is not a hot line for grievances, in other words. That isn't what it is. That's down the street somewhere. In other words, what this is about is joyous acclamation of success within the laws of the Universe as you have come to know them to be.

Very good, and have fun with it. It's going to get a whole lot bigger.


ABRAHAM: And a whole lot more fun and it's going to do a tremendous amount of benefit to those who participate as they participate with deliberate intent.

Very good.

DAVID: Thank you very much.

ABRAHAM: Indeed.

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