Abraham-Hicks Faces Abraham Word Count

Ulrike said If we take the Abe Quotes as a sample of what Abraham says, we find that out of 301 quotes (as presented in the newsletters to date), 4 contain the word money, 10 for relationship, 11 for fun, 12 for abundance, 16 for happiness, 19 for intend, connection, 27 for joy, 30 for body, 28 for law, 30 for body, 32 for flow, 38 for reality, 54 for universe, energy, 61 for desire, 69 for action, 70 for thought, 74 for feel and 93 for vibration which is at the top of the list.

Stephen Bate graphed this nicely for the us below:

(Thank you,  Stephen and Ulrike)
Last Updated on 1/4/01
By Stephen Bate
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Abraham-Hicks Faces