The Big Three


On September 1, 2006 Holly asked the question:  "If you had to distill, say, the three most powerful pillars of the Abe teaching in your everyday life these days, what  would they be?"

The below are replies to that question from list members.


1. nothing is more important than I feel good.
2. staying out of other peoples pies/not giving a rip what they think of  mine
3. taking responsibility for creating it all


  1. Everything, Everything EVERY THING is vibration!

  2. That which is like unto itself is drawn.

  3. You never get it wrong, and you never get it done.

Cindy 1:

for me - When we come to earth it's like going to the state fair

  1. Try every ride, some are WOW, some are so so, some are blah, but how would you know if you don't get on

  2. No fear only joy and knowing for every dream

  3. We're all ONE so don't take it all so serious


  1. The Universe is not responding to your reality. The Universe is responding to YOUR PERCEPTION of your reality.

  2. You've just got to get happy....thats all it takes.

  3. Where ever you are is alright and where ever you are, you have choices now.


  1. The joy is in the journey!

  2. You are where you are!

  3. The "how" is not your work!!

Susan 1

  1. How you feel is everything.

  2. There's nothing more important than your well-being.

  3. Let them open the damned door!


  1. Make peace with where you are

  2. Do the emotional journey before the action journey

  3. The 3 steps of creation


  1. It's always and only an *inside* job

  2. I have the energy that creates worlds on my side

  3. Resistance is using the contrast to decide what you don't want.

  4. Allowing is using the contrast to decide what you *do* want. 

  5. Focus on what you are flowing instead of what's being flowed to you.

  6. I don't have to figure it all out now, this red hot minute.

  7. Well Being wants you.


  1. All That's Like Unto itself is Drawn
  2. We Are Eternal Beings In Physical Form
  3. Well Being Is Lined Up Outside my Door
  4. and Don't Forget To boogie
  5. Rampage Appreciation effortlessly
  6. Vibrational Escrow

Did i tell you about this amazing manifestation that just occurred seemingly out of nowhere?
    7.  Intend Pre Pave and utilize your inner Guidance
    okay that's more then three but who's counting?

Cindy 2

  1. accept where you are
  2. find something to savor and appreciate in each moment
  3. my pie is my pie - their pie is their pie


  1. If like draws like unto itself, then I must keep practicing my drawing!
  2. It's fun to draw!
  3. "Not a day without a line."


  1. find what sparkles in each and every scene
  2. appreciate it
  3. I am made of star dust/infinite potential swimming in infinite love


  1. You are that which you call God.


  1. Wherever you are is all right and wherever you are, you have choices now. San Rafael, 7-31-05
  2. You are going to discover the relationship of your dreams is really your own Inner Being.  San Diego, 2/7/04B
  3. When you're not having fun, you're sort of missing the point of being here. Washington DC, 5/2005

Leisure Goddess

  1. Joy is the ultimate trophy.
  2. Feel good now.
  3. I am a clear-minded, magnificent, good-feeling, brilliant, creative, loving genius.


  1. Happiness is being Self-Referential  in ALL things. When you are happy inside, you are given things outside to have even more to be happy about!
  2. You can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want if you want it bad enough.
  3. The Key to Happiness is contained in the song, "Row Row Row Your Boat." We're all singing at the same time, in our own way, and it sounds great! There's no stress, only joy and play.




  1. Drop the oars
  2. My emotions are an indicator (of whether I am moving towards or away from that which I desire)
  3. Appreciate


  1. That no one else in the world needs to understand or do this work


  1. Imagine more, observe less(unless what you're observing thrills you).
  2. Self Love/Appreciation IS allowing.
  3. We are vibrational beings-We are made up of vibration not just flesh
    and bone.

Linda in Chicagoland

  1. Go with the Flow - let the Universe handle the details!
  2. Inspired Action - being open to those calls from source and allowing your part in the rendezvous process.
  3.  Focus.... on what you want while appreciating what you have. Even if you can only sense the essence of what you want - as long as you can focus on that - magic can happen.


  1. My pie is more fun than anyone else's. 


  1. Gratitude is the quickest shifter of vibration.
  2. Anger is relief and so is revenge and it's okay to feel these  vibrations on your way out of depression.
  3. Be easy with all this, you never get it done, we are eternal  beings.


  1. This is an abundant universe and ALL good things come to me!!!
  2. Turn it over to the Manager and the Manager/Universe is ON IT!
  3. You have to not give a rip what anyone else thinks!
  4. and for grins and giggles...  on the back of the "monster bus" says it all... "Life is supposed to be fun!"




  1. Your greatest value to others is when you are joyful. "
  2. "Your greatest value to others is when you are joyful. "
  3. "Your greatest value to others is when you are joyful. "


  1. There is no lack, no shortage of anything,  there is always more than enough of everything, Everything!
  2. No creation is ever complete, ever!
  3. I am a Flow-er of The-Energy-That-Creates-Worlds, I am a Molder of Energy, I am Creator!


  1. Love
  2. Light
  3. Joy


  1. My focus is my invitation
  2. Unconditional love is really about wanting so much to remain in connection with my source of love that I deliberately choose thoughts that allow my connection, no matter what manifestations may be happening near by.
  3. Appreciation and self love are the most important aspects I could ever nurture

Jena in CA

  1. All Is Well
  2. All you have to do is let go of the oars and the river will turn your boat in the direction of the stream
  3. The purpose of life is Joy and expansion of the Universe

Sue 1

  1. You get to choose! But instead of asking yourself "What is it that I want in this or that situation?", ask yourself "What is it that my Inner Being wants for me now?" and you'll line up your energy much faster!
  2. What could be any bad for me or for anyone else that my Inner Being wants for me?
  3. You can't get it wrong!


  1. Hey Universe-- if you are out there give me a sign!!
  2. I want it NOW
  3. The MORE the better!


  1. When it seems like something is going wrong, it is the Universe opening a door for you that you wouldn't see otherwise.
  2. How can I be happy when these conditions exist?  How can I be unhappy when these blessings exist?
  3. Why not see everyone in my life as cooperative players who are answering the vibration I am offering?


  1. DROP THE OARS!!!  Nothing I want is upstream, so let the current carry me downstream.  I also remind myself to "Let it be easy!"
  2. My vibrational escrow is bursting with all of the great things I desire and it is just--One thought away, one smile away, one kiss away, one laugh away!!!
  3. Well-being is the order of the day.  the Universe is conspiring on my behalf! 


  1. Line up with your Self and let the World find you.

  2. All really is Well.

  3. Appreciation is the secret to Life.


  1. When you see something close to what you want, say " That's great Universe, What else you got for me!

  2. Everything I want is downstream.

  3. Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


  1. Your happiness is your greatest gift to others.

  2. The more playful you are about it, then the easier it all is.

  3. We want you to look at yourself and adore yourself.

Freedom and Joy

  1.  " is never too late  to find a good feeling place about anything.
     Things will constantly change to match the feeling you have inside." SARA
     AND SETH, Esther & Jerry Hicks, p. 105


  1. My connection to Source is my birth right. .I love myself no matter what, as Source loves me, unconditionally. I am a lover.

  2. I am where I am and from there I can go wherever I choose to.

  3. LOA is not optional. When I give my attention to what I like I get more of it. When I give my attention to what I don't like, I attract more of it, as well. It is my choice and my responsibility to create deliberately and joyously.


  1. All is Well

  2. Focus on the beauty of the City, not on the tiny pot-hole on 6th Avenue.

  3. I  AM [a leading edge extension of] SOURCE [energy]!


  1. the purpose of life is joy!

  2. there is only a source of well-being

  3. allow the stream of well-being to wash over me!


  1. Reach for a better feeling thought always

  2. Prepave what your desired outcome would be

  3. Relax, smile and go with the flow


  1. Law Of Attraction

  2. Law Of Deliberate Creation

  3. Law Of Allowing


  1. Appreciation

  2. You make too much of it (especially death)

  3. There is only a stream of wellbeing

Susan K

  1. All is really well.

  2. Relax and be easy about it.

  3. You can never get it done.


  1. Feel better.  That is the answer to every question asked.

  2. There is no limit to feeling good.  There is always a better feeling place - even when you are in ecstasy.

  3. Appreciation is connection.


  1. I can have ANYTHING.  (What a new freedom I feel.)

  2. Gratitude makes me feel better.  (I start my day with a gratitude list now and it's fun...I never wanted to do it before.)

  3. I don't have to be serious. or Be playful and light.  (This is fun and radically different from how I've lived my life until now. Before I thought being playful was a waste of time.  Achieve!  Produce!)


  1. My worth is beyond measure; because of me, the Universe is expanding.

  2. My feelings - all of them - are the sweet voice of Source calling me toward Joy.

  3. There's no limit to where I can go  from right here.

Judi R.

  1. Nothing is more important than that I feel good

  2. It is not your job to make something happen - Universal Forces are in place for all of that. Your work is simply to determine what you want.

  3. Good feels good ....


  1. Appreciation is the key to life.

  2. Your goal is to always focus on the next best thought to think, and focus less on the next action to do.

  3. When you say "Yes" to something you invite it into your vibration. When you say "No" to something you invite it into your vibration. This is a universe of inclusion.  Saying "No" means asking for what you do not want.  So how do you avoid attracting what you do not want - by not thinking about it, and thinking about something else.


  1. Timing is about alignment.

  2. Pointing upstream is always about how you feel about YOU.

  3. Things won't get better until the struggling stops.


  1. I have SO MUCH in vibrational escrow from all the contrasts I've experienced and my IB continues to add to my v. e.

  2. Relax and enjoy to let it in from my v.e.

  3. There's NOTHING else I have to do!


  1. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important than me finding a way to feel as good as I can in this red hot moment of time ... because...

  2. The emotion Im feeling right now indicates to me how I am vibrating about the topic Im thinking about AND law of attraction will bring whatever is closest to matching my vibration right to  my door it will ring the bell and step right in!  So, who and want am I inviting?!

  3. Its all my movie Im the writer, Im the director, Im the producer, Im the casting director, Im the set director, Im the costume designer, Im the star.  I get to make whatever movie Im thinking about so I really want to watch my thoughts and find the most enjoyable ones to focus on!

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