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Adriana's Focus Wheel  (Word Doc.)

Andrea's  Working with emotional guidance:    Instructions    Chart  (Chart Webpage) Scale

Amanda's  Reality graphic

Barb Lundeen's   Placemat

Christine's Prosperity Game Form (Excel)

Connee's Meditation-Audio Page | song "On the Borderline"  |   song "Winter Tree" | song "I Decorate My Living Room"  |  Internet radio interview May 13, 2007

Internet radio interview July 9, 2007 | song "Chapel of My Heart"

David Gordon's  Predominance of Well Being PowerPoint presentation (U.S. Version - 5.6Mb)

David Jones' Tree's of Abundance PowerPoint presentation #1  #2 (expanded)

Simple Emotional Scale (see Denyse's below for much more on this)

Dawn's  Feel Good Meditation  #1Feel Good Meditation  #2

Day Dreamer's Shifting Your Emotional Set Point, | Moving Up the Emotional Scale | Your Natural Relief Valve Death of Family  Member,  |  Feeling Fat

Denyse's   Shifting Your Emotional Set Point, | Moving Up the Emotional Scale | Your Natural Relief Valve Death of Family  Member, | Feeling Fat    |   Emotional Scale and Related Processes Table

Emily's Manager cards (pdf)

El's Focus Wheel

Eva's     Placemat

Kathy Seagull's  Mandala

Jean Marc's  Abundance Mind Index |  90 Experiment-Placemat.Pdf | 90 day Experiment Webpage

Jeanine's  LOA University  Emotional Guidance System

Joanna in Virginia's Fairies of the Universe Grid doc.

John Alexander's  Properity Account Spreadsheet (Excel, zip)

John Hawkins'  17 seconds Twice,  and  Feel Good Now

Joseph's Focus Wheel

Judith Pooles' Glass Half Full template/process  (Word Doc.)

Julie Winsburg's   Movin' On Up Cards  Universe Check (.pdf)

Julie's Guidelines for a Law of Attraction group meeting |  Prosperity Checks:   US version  | UK version

Leisure Goddess' 

Lisa Ferguson's One Liners

Lisa and Jim's Vision Video

Lynn's  Black Madonna (art image)

Marni's (music) -   I Love My Life

Marsha's Abraham Processes (Word Doc.)

Maureen's   Focus Wheel

Mike's  Prosperity Form (Excel Spreadsheet) 

Melanie Joy's   Prosperity-Game-with-Instructions-Checks-Register  |  Reclaiming-Your-Well-Being-MEDITATION

Nigel Normanton   Abraham Aphorisms

Norid's  Stories

Pamela Free's  More, Please checkbox

Paul Bixler's Cruise Chronical (Word doc.)

Pauline's Focus Wheel Flowchart Template (Word doc.)

Perry's Prosperity Wallpaper  Match graphic

Pete Hawk's  Millions  Billions

Raymond's  Emotional Guidance Scale

Rene's  Specific Negative to General graphic

Russel's Emotional Scale/Process Usage Chart (image)  Save to drive in order to enlarge to read text.

S Woody's Focus Wheel template

Sigrid's Aspectometers and  simple Placemat template (both are Word Docs.)  Aspectometer Webpage

Trish's Emotional Journey and Abraham Processes

Valorie's Focus Wheel

Abraham-Hicks Appreciators