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You catch yourself mentally ranting about something or someone and you start laughing: "I've been making a BONA (Book of Negative Aspects)."




What you call the area by a pool where Abers sit around and
appreciate things


brown-bopa lunch

What Abers eat at an Abraham-Hicks workshop



I remember reading in one of the quarterlies about one person's experience on the Alaskan cruise:


"...for me it was a time to be with others and "comblisserate", (rather than commiserate).  She went on to say: "I have coined the word to remind myself that I  intend to raise my vibration and to uplift others."




Coverwhelment - The act that an Aber takes when they are overwhelmed or
irritated; and quietly hope that the Universe isn't noticing.


Creation Pox

Creation Pox

When an item in your Creation Box goes haywire and you start seeing eruptions of it EVERYWHERE, but none of it is actually in your pie so that you can enjoy it!  (Also known as driftwood.)


The Emotional Getpoint

The Emotional Getpoint

The place we sometimes get off to which is so uncomfortably far away from our desired alignment that it kicks you in the rear and gets you going! 


Law of Dallowing

Law of Dallowing - When good things happen to Non-Abers and they say, "Wow, I can't believe it!" And you say, "Duh...Law of Allowing."



Law of Fattraction - 1

Law of Fattraction - When one's ideas and thoughts expand to such a degree that manifestations are tangible and rampant, resulting in strong asking for de-manifestation or bigger placemats for the Universe.



Law of Fattraction - 2

I actually used the Law of Fattraction to gain about 100 pounds in 10 years by saying over and over again with FEELING, "oh my god, I've gained more weight." YKYAAW....you can gain 100 pounds and think itís hysterical!




Overwhelmant - not to be confused with overwhelment. When an Aber is overwhelmed with ants in their house and consults the group with how to get rid of them.




Pivoting / rivoting
When an Aber chooses not to pivot, but rather to remain rooted where he/she is and wallow in the contrast


Tae BO-Pa

The current celebrity fitness craze being done by Abers?

The Pocus Wheel

The Pocus Wheel

When you have launched your Hocus (intention/rocket/magic/wanting) and your manifestation is being a Pocus about getting to you.


Quadruple BOPAss

The correct medical term that involves writing positive aspects for four areas of your life.


Little BO-pa Peep What is the name of the girl who started working Law of Attraction after losing all her sheep?
She Man-ifests one... What does a fabulous leading edge creator do when she (or he) is looking for a fella? 


(Great thanks to Aloha Regina for putting these together.)


ďIím Happy as a Clam I amĒ

by Michele

Sung to the tune of ďIím Henry the Eighth I amĒ made popular by Hermanís Hermits.


Iím happy as a clam I am,
Happy as a clam I am I am.
Though I wasnít like this before,
Now Iím happy right to the core.
Since Iíve been listening to Abraham,
It couldnít be Ezekiel or Sam.
Iím a rabid fan of Abraham,
Happy as a clam I am.


Ode to a Fork
by Maxine

My life was pretty good
Abe taught me to float my cork
But it gets increasingly better
After learning how to "fork"

We come to important "Crossroads"
Two-thousand times a day
We have a chance to choose
Pain or EASE along our way

So which road will we take
To get to our desires
The one that feels like work
Or the one that is inspired

How will we see ourselves
As broken-or as blessed
Will we take the road of ease
Or the one that's paved in stress

Let's take the road less traveled
On our way to our new dream
The one that strewn with JOY
It always was our scheme

And each day that road we choose
Becomes a familiar path
Well Being is our reward
No need to do the math

So I'm "forking" down life's highway
Grinning from ear to ear
Shall I study for my exam
Or just go drink a BEER.

Elisha's Glossary for Abers:

A creation seen as the culmination of your focus and vibrational

cutie pie:
when your creation or someone else's creation looks especially
attractive and desirable.

pie chart: 
A list that an Aber makes of the things they would like to have in
their pie.

when you spend a great deal of time focusing on the pies of others. 

humble pie:
a pie that doesn't turn out so well. . . .but you never get it wrong
because there's always next time.

"fit to be pied":
when something is worthy of inclusion in your pie. 

a former deliberate creator.

to help give someone an idea of what they'd like to include in their


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