Q: Have you ever thought of AbrahamSingles.com?


Abe: We set it up centuries ago.

Q: The Law of Attraction.

Abe: Law of Attraction is the most powerful search

Q: Yes, absolutely.

Abe: Imagine yourself sitting at the computer, and
this is what your searches look like: "gorgeous man
missing man" -- in the same search. "Committed person
party person." In other words, with your computer
work you know that you don't put opposites in your
search, you put in what you want and you expect the
search engine to turn it up. But so many people in
this vibrational search engine say, "I want it, where
is it? I want it, where is it? I want it, where is
it?" And when you say, "I want it and these are the
reasons that I want, and ooh, it feels so good to want
it...." -- in other words, your desire has to feel
good to you before you're in the receiving mode. When
you're wanting doesn't feel good, you're blocking it
as much as you're wanting it, you see.

Desire is supposed to taste sweet, like it did when
you were little, before somebody convinced you [that]
you couldn't have what you wanted. Remember that
feeling of wanting and absolute belief that you could
have it? *Do you remember that feeling?*

Q: Yes.

Abe: Of absolute knowledge that you could have
whatever it is that you want? Well, that's how it is.


-- Abe -- San Antonio, TX, 1/24/04