Abraham-Hicks Email List Welcome Message,

Important Posting Information and  List Settings Adjustments

The topic and focus is "Abraham and you".

(Revised as of March 10, 2007)

As the list community grows, it becomes much more important to follow the
guidelines for posting in order to maintain the main focus of this
particular group. I would love to have this be an online community where
posts need to be less actively moderated, so I am hoping that by everyone
voluntarily sticking to the established guidelines we can enjoy a common
focus and the moderators and I can continue to provide this service without
using additional personal time.

Please note there are new and enhanced guidelines below about posting entire
posts back to the list in quoting as well as handling URL's sent to the list
outside Abraham-Hicks' or the list's URLs'.

Guidelines: (placed in order of importance)

1..Please keep in mind that each and every post to the list is potentially
read by an audience of well over 5000 people who are expecting posts to be on
the stated topic area.

2..Topic: ABRAHAM and YOU. This means that each post should relate to
Abraham Hicks teachings, your own personal or direct experience with
Abraham, your questions to other list members about understanding what
Abraham has said, and so on. The recent threads on "The Secret" have been
an exception for a while, but from this point, keeping to topic excludes
that area now.

3..Off-Topic: Teachings of other LOA (or any) teachers.

4..Off-Topic: "Private chat". Unless your post is meant for the entire group
and has additional ideas, please send to the sender only and not the entire
list. When responding to a previous post, be sure your response is within
posting guidelines and adds something new or of value to everyone.

5..Delete almost *all* quoting. "Quoting" in this case means the sending
the entire post back to the list in reply to a post. There is now a maximum
of one or two sentences for quoting in the guidelines for posting to this
group, and preferably, but not necessarily, placed at the top of the post.

Until now, we have taken the time to manually edit these posts one by one,
to make it friendlier for digest readers, and really, everyone else.
Yahoogroups makes it easy to read the whole thread should you want to review

Posts with excessive quoting will be entirely rejected and will not appear
on the list. There will be a transition phase for this via private email for
a short time. If you are sending the entire post quoted back to post
again, the moderators and I will edit it as we have tirelessly for years,
but now send a private email to you to ask that you do this yourself in the

6..Any post including a tagline, URL, signature file, or forward will be
rejected entirely and the poster will not receive a personal email

7..Length of posts - please keep them as clear, concise, and to the point as
possible for an easy read. The shorter the better for increased membership
attentiveness (There's a lot of short attention spans out there.) :)

Thank you all so much for your wonderful participation and energy and Love
that you bring to this unique and special online experience. There is a
common interest for focus to Abraham-Hicks teaching specific to just that,
and I am replying to that desire here.

With my Heart,

The Abraham-Hicks Yahoogroup forum has its heart and soul, first and foremost,  based in appreciation of the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks. The empowerment gained by the use of Abraham's many processes, and what Abraham has said, is also a large portion of the focus of this group on the internet.  It is a place for the enlargement of Abraham consciousness through  the spoken wisdom they offer through Esther Hicks.  Questions are openly welcomed..  Please ask questions as you would at an Abraham workshop from a place of appreciation and respect to all who will read your post.


* Important Posting Information *

Please post with the consciousness of addressing a large audience.  

 Do not post "personal" email chat on list that is off topic.

If you read nothing else, than at least read what is in the box below.

Premiums have been paid to keep the Abraham-Hicks email list free of YahooGroups advertising in email. We are focused only on the sender's own personal message to all with no distractions anywhere in the expressing of it. 

>>>No "sig." files at all, please! <<<

These are lines of URL's or plain text of yours that repeat themselves automatically with every post. No promotions of anything such as paid services including small business tag lines, as well as invitations to join other lists. These are considered to be unwanted advertising, and will be deleted by the moderators.


Anyone using the list to directly advertise anything,  to promote other teachers, writers or their own websites, will be moderated or permanently unsubscribed.  Please do not post any website URL's other than Abraham-Hicks' or the list's.   URL's outside of Abraham-Hicks distract from list focus, are promotional, and are outside topic area. Abraham-Hicks is the main focus here.
  • Brief one line thank you posts adding nothing to a thread need to be sent as private email, and not posted to everyone unless there is something that you are adding to the topic of discussion for the benefit for all. These posts will be deleted if possible by the moderators

  • Please use the list for directly typed messages only. Forwards or attachments of any kind will be not be accepted by the server.

  • It is requested to delete all or most  text that was previously posted.  You may keep a few lines for reference, if needed.

There is also mail list just for quotes from  Abraham-Hicks. The list name is: AbeQuotes, and  you can get just quotes by sending a blank email to:


The "Quotes" list sends just a few emails per day at the most, is tightly moderated, and has no chat on it. It is short Abe quotes, and nothing else.

What is written below by a list subscriber serves us very well, and it is important that you understand why.  Margie wrote:

 "If I could have things my way, I would ask that every person asks before they hit the send button: Does this feel good?  Does this message have more energy around what I do want instead of what I don't want?"

This clearly shows good Abraham work, and serves us all well to review a post as feelings given to all.

This email list is based on the subscribers own personal discussion and experience, and thrives on the way that Abraham perspective applies to the individual.  It is the heart of the list to discuss Abraham work, all personal forms of it, and to discuss the processes with special attention to what successes these processes bring to the student co-creator.  There are millions of forums out there , this one is about Abraham-Hicks, their work, what they have said.... and YOU!

It is also the Heart and purest knowing that along with yourself and thousands of others, the Universe is also subscribed to this list, and hears your every utterance.

To get the most out of this list, it is recommended you learn something about this subject from the "source" (Abraham-Hicks), first, though any that hold sincere intent to honor the topic and flow of the list are certainly welcome to stay and grow with the group.

David W. Gordon

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