Love Letters to Jerry and Esther Hicks from the Yahoogroup



I love the song, "You Raise Me Up".  After reading your post I pulled out my CD of the song and started to cry when I heard the words, "You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.  You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.  I am strong, when I am on your shoulders.  You raise me up to more than I can be."  The words made me feel very good and tearfully joyful because I thought about how much Abraham has raised me up to be more than I can be.  I am so grateful to Esther for her love and courage to channel Abraham and get the message out to a wider audience. 


I am so grateful to Jerry for being a wonderful support to Esther and traveling that beautiful path together with her.  I am so grateful to Abraham for guiding my path to stand on mountains, walk on stormy seas and raising me up to be all that I can be. In my appreciation for Esther and Jerry, I thought of a prayer that is very popular which I love to say to lift up people.  This prayer expresses my feelings of appreciation for Esther and Jerry: "May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back. The sunshine warm up your face, The rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand." There is much love for all of us here, we are complete.

Namaste, Phyllis


I wish for Esther and Jerry what I wish for myself, what they have taught me to wish for myself!  Exquisite moments of joy, of knowing clearly the good they are doing in following their bliss, of sharing in the feeling of upliftment they are bringing to each of us all the time.  I wish for them beautiful times of singing as they drive along, vistas that take their breath away, quiet walks around mountain lakes, playing in the elevators with children, loving their spacious lives as they meet beautiful people everywhere they go by Law of Attraction.  I wish them great success and appreciation and recognition by their peers as well as their students.  Especially and particularly just for them, I wish them lots of time to play with their granddaughter Kate!  All of this, or something even better that makes their hearts sing with JOY!  


Your note about what you wish to be for Jerry and Esther gave me chills of recognition and joy -- recognition of how inspired I have been by the Abraham teaching, as well as Jerry and Esther's purity of intention and love in offering it to all who are resonant with it.  I wish for them to be delighted and astounded at their continually expanding experience of joy in the physical world, as well as in their observation and sharing of the joy they bring to others by doing so. Terrill

After reading Connee's thoughts on love note to you, I remembered I had just sent a young woman the title of Ask and It Is Given. This young woman is on a ship some where in the navy. I wished her the warm wonderful feelings you have shared with me. Just in telling her of that title.  The last woman I suggested the book to, squealed in delight when I suggested your book. She said she had it and enjoys it daily!  Telling others about your wonderful book is a great warm feeling for me! My wish to you is to feel all of the wondrous Ah-ha feelings your book has brought to so many people. Just wave upon wave of love, hope and universal enthusiasm from all of those you have uplifted.

A love note with giggles and squeals of delight, Linda

Jerry and Esther gave me the keys to creating my life on purpose. They, along with Abraham, handed me the little rulebook I had been looking for all my life about how this "game" works. They helped me manifest my divine right partner, my dream home, dream car, two incredible careers, self love, big income, my first film and its upcoming release, inner peace, humor, and the ability to teach this stuff myself. Most importantly they gave me a choice of how I want my life to go and how I want to feel in each moment. I adore their love for one another and their openness to new frontiers and their love for us. I adore their abundance consciousness and ability to listen to their own inner guidance. I adore them sharing Abraham with us and I adore the flowing grace with which they do it. I adore that they have accessed both outer and inner success and are walking talking examples of happy lives for so many people. I love you Jerry and Esther. (and you little rascals, "Abraham")


Dear Esther--
I am writing this letter from the bottom of my heart to the height of my Connection, thanking you for the work that you do in this world.  You and your work, your words, your allowing, have changed my life.  I feel so much joy just thinking of all that you do, seemingly effortlessly, for all of us.
You inspire me so.
I admire you as a woman, living her life like an open book that all of us can read.  You stand before us, strong and beautiful yet soft and graceful, full of feminine energy, infused with Source.  I think of you often, YOU--separate from Abraham--and marvel at your path, your ease in aligning with your life's work, your apparent joy in all things.
I love the way you allow Abraham to share stories with us.  Through those stories, I feel that I know you, know Kate, know the love and teasing you share with Jerry.  In fact, I have held you and Jerry up in my heart, out to the Universe, as a role model for the type of love relationship that I want to have.  "I'll have one like that!" I tell the Universe, when I witness how you and Jerry live your work, cocreate lightly and with humor, walk on the Earth in one of your famous strolls, live your evident love for Self, and one another, every day.
I honor you as a woman who is lined up with her purpose, her Joy.  I think about your story when I think about how my life unfolds, and how where it will lead could be, should be, even grander and more outrageously wonderful than I could possibly dream it.  I remember you and Jerry and your beginning forays into meditation...I see that it was all possible, all the time.  My eyes fill with tears, knowing that similar joy is waiting, around every corner, for me in my life's work, too. 
Thank you for your example.
I appreciate you more than you can know, or need to.  Your voice and words are in my heart, your raucous laughter--overlaid with Abraham's strong wit--are in my mind.  You live your truth in a way that takes my breath away. 
I am proud to be a woman, on this path, watching you, another woman, on yours.
Thank you for the greatest gift, the gift of you.
Dear Jerry--
I am writing to thank you for all you do, with such joy, in your life.  I am writing to thank you for how your life touches, and uplifts, mine.
Even though you don't know me, our life stories have much in common.  I, too, grew up in a chicken house.  I lived in the country, a grandchild of sharecroppers, living off the Earth, literally.  I love your story of growing up wild and free, unfettered, strong.  That's the way I feel about my life story.  That's the way I tell it, too:  the contrast I lived made me strong, independent, self reliant, inventive.  But I never started telling it that way, until I "met" you.
I appreciate you, Jerry, independent of Abraham, for your joy and ease and humor.  I love your voice, so recognizable, so Midwest, so much like the voices from my home town.  I love the story of your path, from home to freedom to the circus to teaching prosperity.  Always reaching, always asking, always voraciously learning. I think I like that most of all.
Thank you Jerry for the joyful work that you and Esther do, for the example you live for all of us.  Thank you for your tenacity and your asking.  If you hadn't asked, and asked, and asked, it would never have been "given", in its current form, to all of us. I love you more than you can ever know.  I am so happy to be "all in this together."
With love and respect, Terri

You know, one of the great things about Esther and Jerry is that they seem to be loving every minute of what they are doing. They are really walking the talk. They have found Joy in doing what they do and as they expand and let in more Joy, their message and work expands right along with them. The things they are doing now would have been a quantum leap for them a decade ago but now each new book, each new milestone and each new monster bus is just the next logical step.

At the Seattle workshop last summer, I went up after it was over to thank Esther. I told her how much I appreciated that they came to Seattle and I asked her if they weren't worn out with all the traveling. "Oh no," she said, "We find the workshops very relaxing." She said this with that radiant smile of hers and I could see that
truly, this was not a woman who was road-weary at all. She had been on her feet who knows how many hours that day -- she was there at the welcome table helping to check people in when I arrived that morning and she stood throughout the 6 hours that she was bringing us Abraham. But she looked fresh and happy and relaxed. She's living proof that those old, dead guys give great advice.  What an inspiration she and Jerry are! I'd love to see a movie of the week based on their lives airing during prime time on a major TV network.

Blessings, Marie

J &E are my Earthly Guardian Angels; they continue to give me the Keys to the Kingdom.

Be of good cheer, LG

For Jerry and Esther I wish the unfolding in the tastiest and most delicious way all of their dreams. I wish them to be delighted as children when bigger  fluffier tastier dreams they don't even know about waft in like clouds! I wish them total access and deep knowledge of our love for them, I wish them receptors that can instantly translate our love for them into rocket fuel, taking them wherever they want to go. I wish them peers and colleagues and wonderfully amusing company on the leadingest edge.  

I wish the happiest and most rewarding unfolding of their work in the universe, spreading in the most beautiful and organic way, like the sun coming up and  illuminating all of us, bathing us in the collective recognition of who we are as their call, and I wish our response: but of course!

I wish them all the goodies of the human side of our journey, the seasons, the grandbabies, the hugs and soft touches, the crunchy ecstasy of life on earth.

I wish them the audacity to go deeper.

I wish them heavy linen embossed invitations to the most delightful cosmic balls held in breathtaking villas on the sea, I wish their dance cards always filled with the perfect partners to dance with, delighting them, filling them
further, shooting them up to the sky in dizzying somersaults, landing and laughing on the next dream passing by.



I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing and allowing the Abraham material so generously. I live in Germany and I am especially grateful for your website where you share so much of Abraham's wisdom for free - that was my doorway to a total  new life!  Oh, and thank you for the wonderful idea of the weekly tape program. Every week it brings the world and vibration of Abraham to me - I can feel it, I can see it, I can hear it, I can smell it; I can taste it - I am THERE!  I wish you always flowers on your way, doors in your monster bus and everywhere that open and close smoothly and many blissful hours with your granddaughter Kate!

Love & Fun, Iris


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