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Learning how to deliberately create and grow with Abraham-Hicks teaching has many benefits.  Below are 31 responses to a question raised by a discussion list member who asked about the manifesting of desires and what actually happened by using the principles Abraham-Hicks teaches from others who understand and use the work.


From: "phasedance557"


All I read is how Appreciative everyone is (I know--Rampage of  Appreciation...I'm familiar with this stuff, ok?) That's terrific,  really; glad you feel appreciation; But what about the "manifesting your desires"?  

This is an important thread. I see the manifesting of desires in many posts clearly everyday. If you look for it, you will find the list completely awash in powerful testimonials along with all the advice requests and advice given posts from an Abraham perspective. 


Appreciation is at the core of this work, and more importantly, is the catalyst to manifesting in general what is wanted, and more if it coming to one's own personal experience. Here is an important point:  In April of 1998 when I asked Abraham about this very list, they said that it is not a list for grievances.  They said "If they are coming together to speak about deliberate creation, give it the name of Abraham, if it is something other than that, take the name of Abraham away". 


This forum is all about deliberate creating, and that is what is here besides pep talks (guidance), and true appreciation, (the means for attaining what is deliberately wanted). If this forum is to represent Abraham as Abraham sees it and keep their name, we need to speak about deliberate creation.  And we do... a lot!  I believe that this is the testimonial proof among the subscribers here that you are asking about, and it is key to the focus and purpose of this online gathering. 


What has NOT been done yet is compiling a testimonial list in a single document from the outpouring from us all.  It took your asking to bring this thought and desire for me to manifest it. Thank you! So!  I will save all postings of this thread for a neat webpage like the "you must be an Aber if..." page.  Along with the picture that "you must be an Aber if...",  brings to your conception of this group of the individual student/appreciator, must come a testimonial for this wonderful connection we know as Abraham with all that comes with it. Please keep this one alive!  Send in your testimonials to the list.  The page that will result will clearly show you what this movement is all about. Listening to all, David



Since the beginning of January through mid May, I had asked for 12,000 dollars and received 18,000. BUT the manifestations that have really truly mattered is the relationships. beginning of April I started rampaging appreciation of my hubby.  Within days he started changing.  He joined AA and has morphed his life.  He has become and amazing listener, incredibly sensitive and deeply spiritual.  He had tried AA several times over the years, but he always hated it.  Even though he would be sober for years and years, it didn't help his personality, a dry drunk kind of thing. 


My daughters say it is too weird, dad is real sensitive and listens really listens to me.  it is so cool! But to out do that manifestation....I asked for help finding out why my daughters had grown away from me.  I just couldn't figure it out.  After doing a rampage and focusing on what I wanted out relationship to look like, well the Universe has helped me save my one daughter from possible suicide.  Within days of me asking the Universe showed me the problems, then had me find her suicidal poems and journal.  I had no idea she was in pain, or depressed.  she acted just fine around our home.  I am so grateful that I have learned how to fill my hearts desire.  It may not always be the answer we expect....but it was the answer I needed! I see all of our lives together creating a fun ,harmonious  family closer and richer than our wildest dreams.  Abraham has saved my family and will give us an amazing physical experience! Lori


here's just one example for you... I had set myself up with a little routine every time I went to the mailbox to get the mail. On my way out the door, I'd say aloud to myself (or anyone else who happened to be listening) "I'm going out to the mailbox to get my check for $1000.00 now." It seemed like a nice amount to manifest; it was believable enough for me that I could allow it in my life - yet a bit of a stretch at the same time. Plus, I figured it took me about 68 seconds to complete the trip out to the mailbox so it gave me a perfect amount of time to focus my thoughts on receiving, and expecting that the money would be there. A few weeks after practicing this every day, I opened the mailbox to find an envelope with a check inside - for almost $2000.00!! I was over the moon!! And immediately I was suspicious and trying to figure out *how* this money came - you know, the old "there has to be a logical explanation for this." etc. But you know, whatever the circumstances are, they really are unimportant. What *is* significant is that I opened myself up to creating and receiving this amount of dollars. I know there are more people on this list that have totally magnificent stories. Check the archived messages or maybe someone will have the message numbers for you. Many 'miracles' to you, :-) Cathy


Hi there, What is it exactly that you wanting to hear about success stories? What is success to you and to me could be very much different things. As a matter of fact, I'd almost guarantee that they are. If you are looking for materialistic manifestation stories, I could give you a ton of them - the most recent being the manifestation of more than $20,000.00 (yes it IS just as easy to manifest 20,000 as it is 20). In the past two years, I have manifested: -trip to Phoenix to visit my father - first plane ride of my life and my father ended up covering ALL the expenses for myself and hubby because he WANTED to! WOW, I still get excited over that one. 10 days of restaurants and sightseeing and the best thing is that it was the first ever time I had away from my children since they were born. (the oldest is 29 and the youngest 14)


- trip to California 10 months later for a course - course ended up being free (yippee) and so only plane an hotel fare. Plus I got a full body  massage for the first tie in my life and never got charged for that either. (thanks Universe!)

- trip to Arkansas - great deal on plane fare - hubby stayed to look after kids - free golf at 3 fantastic courses - great company and meals - wow -what a break for me

- fantastic outfit in fuchsia (my favorite color) that I just KNEW was going to be there and lo and behold - even though we arrived at the shop as it had just closed, the owned let us in and there was my outfit hanging right beside the door! Yes I bought it!

- and here is the kicker that I pointed out to my daughter ... nothing in my life has really changed in the last 7 years since I gave up my full-time job (income-wise) - hubby is still the only one working (although I am now having fun with my own hypnotherapy practice) so there is no more money coming in - yet there is a ton more money going out - we built a brand new cottage and have that added mortgage and taxes...the trips that we could never afford to take....the free house we live in (manifested that one a while ago) and a free car as well...plus a second car and the insurance to cover them (mandatory here or I wouldn't bother)'... and now we are planning an addition to the home we live in. If all this wasn't good enough - the relationship benefits are even more exciting to me - my youngest children who have a diagnostic label attached to them, have become more able to be responsible for themselves and are manifesting better and better things for their own growth and experience - ( they have always been able to manifest material things - kids see to be great at that). My daughter that was involved in drugs and things that used to have me concerned for her safety, has had a total turnaround in the relationship with me and I focus on her positive aspects as often as I can. She is not into drugs anymore and has set her sights on graduating and attracting a career. YEAH for her! I could write a book about the wonderful and glorious things that have occurred, are occurring and have yet to manifest but that I KNOW are coming. Not that I don't experience contrast - life would be boring as hell if I got everything I wanted when I wanted it. But I really try not to 'check in and check up' after setting my intentions. It's ore fun to see how and where it will arrive. And right now I am really appreciating your question because formulating an answer has really raised my vibe this morning <grin>. I haven't put down half of what has happened and I am just totally awed at my power to create! Dianne


Well, I woke up with a rampage of appreciation for this group (and then 577's was the first email I saw in my inbox) LOL!! I've only been a member a short while (um, like a couple days?!?) and I have truly enjoyed everyone's sharing - my challenge is to have the time to read them thoughtfully.  I'm a moderator on another yahoo group and a member of several listserv/groups so there's a lot of email flowing through my in-box. I must say that I'm getting the greatest value from this Abraham-Hicks group. I've worked with manifestation, and taught classes about it, since the early 1980's - and yes, it *was* easier to manifest *some things* back in the early days when I didn't know as much as I do now :-) Trips to Tahiti and St. Lucia, a farmhouse on 5 acres, etc. etc. And I've also manifested some tremendous challenges - (now ex) spouse who turned out to be a drug addict, 500K in debt, etc. etc. Seems like what Abraham says is that the game on this planet is all about creation - we're here to manifest - we put out thoughts and ideally sit back and watch them take form. What we forget is that, on a Source Energy level, there are *no ethics* about creation - there *is* no good or bad to it. So it is *equally creative* to manifest abundance as it is poverty! I imagine that we are all collecting these merit badges in life - on a physical level they look like an amazing house, fantastic car, wonderful spouse, excellent job, etc. etc.  however on a spiritual level they look like - experiences that deepen you, connect you to Source, awaken you or raise your awareness.  And the interesting thing is that often people *lose*  the physical merit badges to gain some spiritual ones.  And to many people totally focused on gaining physical ones, the spiritual ones are invisible! It doesn't have to be that way, as other's messages have shown, some have had a few challenges giving them a deeper and broader perspective and appreciation for life, *and* are having fun manifesting huge sums, abundant prosperity and more. One thing I notice is that it takes less effort to create abundance - when I'm doing something I love, that I engage in whole-heartedly, I usually get paid really, really well.  If I'm doing something I resist, I get really crappy results. 'nuff for now Joan

I have manifested so much, It would take too long to mention it all. But what I wanted to say is that if the manifesting thing does not work for you, maybe you are just too focused on manifesting instead of feeling appreciation. You seem to want to have evidence and at the same time you don't want to hear any more of the appreciation stories..... well we appreciate the things we have manifested, so if you read between the lines, you will read great manifesting stories ALL THE TIME. smiles and sunshine, andrea

I have to admit I had a little bit of a laugh when I read the subject line and had the urge to write..."Does "doubting Abe" make one a "doubting Thomas?"....I know. Weird sense of humor. Anyway, you asked if working with Abe really helped manifest "big things" aren't they all?) into one's life. I just finished writing a book inspired by all I've manifested since working with Abe. Here's a partial list of what I've manifested since working with Abe:

The Love of my Life (see Disneyland and Abe threads) and almost five amazing years with him!  A dream wedding at Disneyland last March. A big beautiful dream house with pool and hot tub just like I imagined. A finished feature film that I wrote, directed and starred in and will be released in May. Making lavish dollars for two years in a row now! Buying my dream car Embracing immortality. Closer relationships with my family. A real live spiritual community of people who like to hug! Three beautiful dogs. New friends. True peace of mind. Self Love and self appreciation Clients from all over the world to teach this stuff to and learn from. Moving to the city where the home appreciation rate is #2 in the whole country! Total health and no medication after a doctor telling me I would take medication for life for a condition. A completed book that I wrote easily and with joy. Working from home (and sometimes in my pajamas) Most important: THE ABILITY TO FEEL BETTER WHENEVER I CHOOSE TO. Love,


I've manifested tons of things. One way I can see exactly what I've manifested is by looking back at the list of specific things I asked for when I played the prosperity game--I made a list of 100+ things I wanted to be, do or have. Another way is by looking back at a notebook in which I keep lists I call "15 Coming Attractions." Every week or so I sit down with a friend and we write these lists. I've brought in money, jobs (I'm self-employed), unexpected letters, calls from old friends, welcome invitations, free tickets to live performances, a wheelbarrow, someone to tuck-point the bricks on my house, someone to mow my lawn for free, shoes, a new bed, free firewood, and more, more, more. If you look back at the archives, and if you're expecting to see them, you'll find lots of manifestations of actual things. One of my favorites is from PT Pen, who manifested a PT Cruiser, for free. She asked for it and received it in a totally unexpected way. That one is message #18507. Another good one is #18451. I find that this stuff works best when I'm just playing around with it, having fun. Over thinking it is, for me, another form of resistance.

Best, Priscilla

Okay phasedance557: You said, "And from what I read, most are in the same Boat."  What Boat are you referring to?  You just reminded me that I have recently manifested a wonderful "Boat" since studying the Abe material.  I just manifested the Holland-America Cruise Line which I will board this July for the Alaskan Well-Being Adventure Cruise.  I have also manifested several new friends who I will meet on that "Boat" and have a blast with.  I also manifested enough money to afford a beautiful stateroom with private balcony, all for my sweet little self.  Along with all that beautiful material wealth, I have manifested great spiritual wealth...love, joy, abundance, appreciation and a tremendous sense of well being.  I'd say those are pretty good manifestations to appreciate and feel good about since I began studying Abe's teachings five months ago. Whatever "Boat" you are referring to that "most are in," I'm not on board.  I've made a conscious decision that I am the Captain of my own Boat and I create all of my desires in my own unique way and just sit back and enjoy the ride..:-) As the popular song says, "Come on down to my boat, baby.  Come on down where we can play.  Come on down to my boat, baby.  Come on down we'll sail away."  Thanks for your question.  It was very stimulating. Blissings, Phyllis

After reading David's post a thought jumped into my mind. This manifestation was the most work and most fun. I sat with $50 on a Wednesday (a year ago) and tried to figure out how I would feed 12 people until that next Wednesday. Eleven of those people were teenagers and nine of them boys. No one knew my dilemma. A friend called and told me to call a woman that told me to call a woman about food. I ended up getting my extended (van +4 feet) cargo van filled with food, for you guessed it $50. I worried all the way home about the weight of the food on the van. The kids and I filled the kitchen and went out to give away food that night. The kids came from the streets. They had manifested a home with me and we had manifested food for ourselves and for 40+ other families. We have kept the food fun up for a year now. Things change and flow as needed. :)

In fun and love, Linda

Well, well. I am experiencing some sadness today and wasn't going to reply to this because frankly it seemed kinda snarky to me and one of the many things I love about this list is just how rarely we "go there." (I completely understand that my perception of "snarky" is my creation.) But then I read David's beautiful missive, and everybody else's juicy goodies and just had to bound aboard. I have been Abe-ing a little over a year now. Here are a few manifestations that come to mind:


- Coming home playing with the idea of being able to create money from any source, not just "my job," telling myself playfully that I would manifest some in my mailbox right then and finding a check for $500 from my sister. No reason. Just cuz she loves me. - Needing a new house to rent until I was ready to buy and not having much time to create it -- looking in the paper and driving by the other 8 that met my basic requirements -- feeling like I wouldn't even want to go in them let alone live there -- and then driving up to #9, my perfect, darling, fun, clean, adorable little house of this past year. - Falling in love with a house to buy and having the owners say they wouldn't come anywhere near my price & many friends encouraging me to be sensible and give up. I kept saying they'll sell it to me for my price, sooner or later. We close this coming Wed (at my price). - Asking my manager (source) for a good girlfriend on the same page with my desire to be a conscious creator and having one of my favorite, most spectacular uplifters that I "met" through this very list turn up just one city away, which allowed for much joyous co-creation -- You're awesome, Kitty! - Needing $20,000 more than what I seemed to have to make my house purchase work and discovering that there was that much more (actually $24,000) coming to me from my divorce settlement than I'd thought. (I'm putting the money ones in here a lot because people who want PROOF usually seem to want to hear about money.) There have been so many more. But sometimes I just want to get -- or give -- a pep talk.

cheers, bird

Hi - I normally don't go for the "prove it" threads - but today I've just manifested 300 which I needed urgently..... Blissings James

Ok - so I'll briefly jump on the bandwagon...there are just to many miraculous manifestations everyday to even list...they are infinite...but the manifestations that have caught my attention very recently which I think are implicitly being asked for as "evidence" are as follows:   We were able to purchase a 10,000sf warehouse in the Chicago suburbs, which just appraised for $150K MORE than we paid for!   My beautiful daughter born 3-4-5...already sleeping through the night about 1/2 the time, super easy going temperament, and a beauty, too! Read my post on You Know You're An Aber When regarding her birth...and it will certainly inspire you!   Being on a very clear budget, yet everything that I ask for streams our direction (a new swing set, gifts, clothes, jewelry, help, plants for our garden, vacations,  etc....)   Tropical plumeria trees that bloom indoors during the winter months...which is UNHEARD of with among plumeria circles, especially in the wintery Midwest.   Inquiries from people wanting to buy our home, and we have no plans to put our home on the market.   Receiving a brand new engine for our boat for free!   And the list just goes on and on...too many to list...but one thing is for sure, in joy and appreciation it all flows. The beautiful thing is that this Abe list also confirms, reinforces my joy and appreciation; and with minimal effort on my part...serves to expand who I am, expand my joy, and expand the desires I'm wanting with the love that flows in and out and throughout the posts...it just all flows...and my effort is minimal.  

Thanks! Regina

Hi, 557, Ahhhhhhhh, 20 years in metaphysics.  What do I have to show for it?  I won't talk about the visions I see and my deep, thrilling connection to Source, because you want to know about stuff, and I presume, also lifestyle choices. When I first found out about Law of Attraction, I was 34, depressed, getting divorced, feeling very stressed working for a company that was in Chapter 11, living alone in a one bedroom apartment, and I felt I had always been rather miserable. 


Since then: I manifested a happy second marriage, and then, when Cliff died, I manifested a joyful third marriage with a truly beautiful man, my dearest David, who daily makes my heart sing and whose skills and abilities leverage my ability to do what I want to do in life in a thousand different ways.  I won't talk more here about the ability I've developed to talk to my croaked loved ones through the years of metaphysics and the value I place on that, since you want to know about stuff. I stopped working in the corporate world and live a mostly sneaker and jeans life style that makes my heart sing.   I do what I want to do, when I want to do it.   I took some classes because they felt like heaven on earth to me, incidentally prepared for a new career in the process, have work that I choose to do that takes relatively little time, pays well and feels great to me.  It allows me to focus on my passion, which is metaphysics. 


Coincidence?  I think not!  <grin> I can take a week or two off often. Like in the 10 months before my Mom died last March, I took off nine different weeks to spend with her.  It was wonderful to have that freedom to just clear the decks to be there with her again and again in that last year.  That time with her was so precious to me.  What freedom I have!  Back to the physical stuff.  David gave me a diamond solitaire necklace that is over 2 karats and I have a collection of jewelry that is gorgeous and fun. The wedding band David gave me has 28 diamonds in it, I love the diamond studs in my ears and you should see the big star ruby pendant he gave me for Christmas last year, for example. Our home is always filled with fresh flowers, and I've enjoyed taking several flower arranging courses so I would know what to do with them to make the most of their beauty.  Fresh flowers on the counters in the bathrooms makes me feel particularly opulent and you can see that in my house often. The previous paragraph is particularly relevant, because when Cliff died, one of my self-pity statements was, "I used to be loved and now I am not. 


Where could I possibly find another man who will give me diamonds and roses?"   I got over it, found Abraham, and began to script, as well as do the affirmative prayers I'd learned to do ten years earlier, about my wonderful new mate.  When my new beloved turned up, the small diamonds gave way to big diamonds and the occasional red roses led to steady streams of varietal roses and other much more exotic and colorful flowers year round. The Universe obviously can deliver, in abundance, whatever makes my heart sing, as long as I am a vibrational match to the receiving.  (By the way, where did I find him?  I found him here on the Abe list!!!!)


We go on several wonderful big vacations and retreats every year, like the Abe cruises and the Big Sky Retreat, but, in fact, I have manifested a life that feels more like a Retreat day by day than retreats used to feel to me a decade ago.  I have ample time to relax, read or write, I get weekly massages. We have a cleaning lady.  I often go swimming, laze in the hot tub, or go walking in the woods and shopping during  weekdays. 


I go out with friends to listen to live music several times a week and often meet friends for lunch and other outings.  There's usually some kind of interesting tickets in my drawer for fun events coming up in our community, like the ones for Riverdance at Wolf Trap Farm Park, the only National Park for Performing Arts in the US that are in there right now. I have a great relationship now with my family.  I adore my friends, and because of the Net, I have great friends all over the world. 


I belong to many different spiritual communities.  I hang out here because I meet some of the world's great mystics here and I learn from all these different points of view of connected folks.  I have ongoing dreams for the future.   Life is good. I still have the card on my desk that says, "I have a great life that I may be feeling bad about right now due to my focus of attention.  Refocus!"  Even with the incredible blessings I have received, I can still focus, like the story Abraham tells, as Esther did once with the one tiny black spot on the wall that shouldn't have been there in her new bathroom in her new house, and lose sight of all the good that is here.  So I am grateful to you, 557, for reminding me to look to see the incredible value I've received by placing my focus on my connection to Source first which has allowed me to receive all the stuff that therefore necessarily followed in my life over the last 20 years.  It doesn't get any better than this... until tomorrow.  Or maybe in a half hour or so when I get to romp and play with Juls and maybe Cordy at lunch... 

LOL In joy and appreciation, Connee

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