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Bringing Matter To Life With Sound

Here is a 2 megabyte QuickTime movie for you to watch that shows vibration clearly.  This is a movie file that will take about 10 or 15 minutes to download at a "56K" internet connection, and you may click here to download it. You will need QuickTime or something that will view these files on your computer.  QuickTime is available for Mac and Windows and is available for download.  Click here if you don't have it, or cannot view "cymatic.mov", the file name for the Cymatics movie download. 

It shows sand and lycopodium vibrating into static and dynamic patterns with varying frequencies of audio tones introduced to it, and is set up so that the grains could be viewed in the reaction to the vibration introduced to it. This was first done by Dr. Hans Jenny in the late 50's (I think), and it is absolutely fascinating to watch. This is the viewable formation of patterns in vibration. Some of these formations are outstanding and beautiful to view in motion, as sound makes them do a multifaceted geometric dance.

I can see that this is clearly in powerful resonance to the Abraham teaching, and that it shows that impressively and visually,  the predominance of  their "EVERYTHING is about vibration" message that they consistently spew forth.

Vibration is a viewable thing as is shown in this movie. Vibration has been said to affect the DNA within us. This visual and moving display of sound in vibration clearly displays how sound vibration affects matter in the display of the beautiful undulation of  patterns.  Emotion is a powerful vibration within our being, as are our thoughts and our dreams. I ask that you consider that it affects everything, as Abraham says, and that includes all life, its formation and growth as all of these events affect DNA, which is the intelligence of all physical life and formation.

I thought you'd all like to become familiar with the work of  Dr. Hans Jenny as it relates to the vast predominance that Abraham's message has about the vibration in our entire experience.

Vibration is EVERYTHING, it is all about that, in all ways, including all forms of physical matter.  It is purely inspiration to me.

Enjoy and be inspired!

David W. Gordon

Abraham-Hicks Appreciators