Abraham-Hicks Appreciators  "You know you are an Aber if..."

 "You know you are an Aber if (or when)....." explores what is common to Abraham appreciators, and can bond the group as a community. 

Who are we in Abraham? What makes us unique?  Considering what makes us different and what has us in a class by ourselves helps clarify us as an embodied group with a common love and knowing appreciation for Abraham-Hicks.

What else makes us know we're Abers?  Below are the replies of 35 list members.


You are prompted by your computer to "Allow" or "Ignore" and instantly think -- ALLOW !!!!


Your dad dies, and you think about it, and you think, "I just don't see any down side to this."  And you are happy for him.

Juls and Cordy

When you meet a fellow Aber for lunch and relate how you called an Inner Being conference of the people at work, only to walk in on a completely changed work place the next day and her only response, is "Cool.  When I was chatting with my Inner Being last night......."  And neither of you find your conversation at all strange.

Monica and Marni

You know you're an aber when the man you love gets down on one knee asking you to marry him and you say, "I like you okay. Let's see how it goes."?

Something happens that you would prefer to be different and you are already on your third positive aspect before you realize that was your automatic


You smile and giggle as you read that Scott Peterson was just sentenced to death and think, 'lucky guy, back to PPE!


You know you're an Aber when the principal of your daughter's school asks:

"Do you want your daughter to grow up thinking that she can always have whatever she wants?... and you look her right in the eye and say "Yes!! Oh Yes! that's exactly what I want her to grow up thinking!"


You are driving to work in a snow storm and wind is blowing so hard, can't see 10 ft in front of the hood and the first thought is, "How fabulous is this to be surrounded by nothing but white"

You know you're an Aber when the alarm clock goes off and you hit snooze and as you lay there still asleep you hear "What you believe you become"

Lee (beliefpatrol)

You drop the ketchup bottle on the kitchen floor, and as it splatters all over the tile, you amusingly ask yourself..."what low vibration thought attracted that incident?"


You drive home in that storm, and the winds are 40+mph and shaking your less than sturdily built second story apartment, and you lie in bed listening to that wind whistling and knocking and howling and you think "I LOVE THIS" being immersed in the passion of the elemental forces

Monica Moon

Someone keeps insisting that what you want (and have had twice) is close to impossible and for a long moment, you are genuinely confused by their weird way of looking at the world.

You go to bed thinking that while asleep you will align with your I.B. and all that is and when you wake up a techno song is going through your head - "Everybody's freeeeeeeeeee to feel good."

An ambulance stops traffic to come through a light and instead of focusing on the stopped traffic or the potential "emergency", your first thought is to wonder "where does the word paramedic come from?"

You get massive goosebumps and you just bask in the feeling of Source running through you.

You see an ad that says, "Why you need more sleep" and you think, "You only
need more sleep if you THINK you do."


Someone sends you an email with the subject line "sh!t happens" and you think ah yes, thank you it sure does.


Your son starts being responsible and taking care of his surroundings and health and you think "LOOK what *I* did!"

You are in a store and your child clearly wants something but is explaining to you how he'll sacrifice and not get it to "help out," and you immediately say, "There you go operating from a perspective of lack. If you want it, get it! Act from your belief in a universe of abundance!"


you reach for an item in the grocery store and it is the last item of exactly what you want even though there are others all around it similar. And someone else comes by and says oh how lucky you got the last one. And you just smile to yourself knowing luck had nothing to do with it.

 John Hazen

You know you're an Aber when someone comes to you for advice, and you start your reply with

"Well, if I were in your physical shoes..." 


You know you're an Aber when you listen to what other people say and the things that happen to them shock or surprise them, but don't shock or surprise you in the least.

No, I'm not psychic. I just know how LOA works. ;-)

Leisure Goddess

The Cashier complains, "My register has been acting up all week I wonder why it wouldn't behave?" and you say to yourself, "If you would only come into alignment by being a bit happier your machine would perform for you." 

...your husband calls you at the end of the day and you say, "How was your
day?" And he says, "You'd want me to find something to feel good about, so here is what happened..."


Your child's Christmas wish list has one column that says "Santa" and one column that says "universe". 


You have to make an appointment, come in, be analyzed... and you say, "no thanks, I think its easier just to change my vibration."

You know you're an Aber when you want something and you're more excited about the alignment of your energy than the actual manifestation of it.

You find that all the "other" spiritual lists you belong to no longer "satisfy" your need to G R O W!!

Catherine Solange

When any form of struggling or trying too hard to make things happen begins to feel kind of silly and unfamiliar and just plain OLD.


You know that everyone is an "Aber" just might not be (yet fully) aware of it we are one, there is no exclusion love one of you

James Gladwin

You're piling wood logs and throwing them into the garden. As each one sails through the air you think, "Wow - another rocket of desire....!"

Juhi Singhal

No matter how you're feeling, you can feel even better


You love the Abraham group for what they can teach us but you do not go overboard and start to think that "ABE" is the ALL - you take the teaching and let your Inner Being direct you as to where you want to go - you TRUST!!!! It is so important that you TRUST that life is good and that all is well and that tomorrow the sun WILL rise and a new adventure will begin. Abraham is telling us that every day and you know you're an Aber if you listen and go with the flow. Life is good even when it seems to be on a downer cause this too shall
pass and Abe is there for us to tell us so and help us renew our TRUST


...you are driving along feeling concerned that new construction in the woods behind your house will upset the water table and cause water to leak into your basement...then you relax and laugh and know that All is Well...and about 30 seconds later you see a billboard that says, "DRY BASEMENT GUARANTEED."

Your immediate reaction to difficult world news is gratitude for all the rockets of desire that are shooting up....

You look at 'what is' and feel peace and gratitude for the contrast...

You feel gratitude for all the blessings of this life, remembering that much was created by the rockets of desire that previous generations held and from which we are now benefiting....

Gordon Kribs

This morning I found out that I was getting $ 1000 and immediately made a list of 100 different things I could do with it. That list is now in my creation box waiting for the next $1000 to show up. man that was

Deb Sloan

You add 'blissings' and 'blissed' to your spell check dictionary


You are awakened at 6:00 a.m. by the doorbell, you answer it to meet a neighbor out walking who sees you have a "leak" sprouted in your yard, shooting water in the air like a small fountain. When you see this water show, your first thought is, WOW, that is a great example of how much is flowing into my life. Must be an example of not quite letting it in, but it's got my attention now. And the second thought is, this is just like Abe's example of the water hose being kinked and then flowing full force when we unkink the hose. The moment brought up a lot of fun thoughts.

Later this morning, I go outside and enjoy the birds having a big party in the water of my front yard. They were singing and hopping around with glee. Also appreciating different neighbors stopping by to make sure we knew what was happening in our front yard. Also appreciating the city arriving in less than 5 minutes to turn the water off. Appreciating that I did the laundry yesterday. It's such a kick to naturally think this way. And so happy that my husband has been right there with me.


You know you are an Aber when you wake up in a not-so-good vibration from a dream you had, work all morning to soothe, go out to lunch for a reflexology appointment and come back SWOONING with joy and improvements on the emotional scale...

...and then you find an email from another Aber (Juhi) that says the same thing is happening to her and you feel even better, INFUSED with warmth, love, Light.

I love the way our e-community is growing, thriving, pulsing organically. I feel like I expand with every email that contains the energy of YOUR joy and expansion.

As Abraham says, "We're all in this together!"

Beth Atchison

Discovering a paper placemat at a restaurant brings on a gleeful shout of "Cool!" followed by an undeniable urge to turn it over and start writing. In fact, the placemat will never be the same again. :-))

You can't download the cruise pics and you wonder what the heck do I have to clean up in my vibration NOW so I can be a vibrational match to seeing those lovely pics :-))


If I may: we know we are Abers if we enjoy this common human experience. Period, and joyously so.

Indeed: One may well mark, i.e., appreciate, roles people take on, to lovingly inform and enhance the contrast of others . . . in that regard, perhaps, it is joyous to see all persons as a minimal part of their more expansive Being ( the latter always along for the ride . . . and well to be considered in all interactions, you see . . )


You know you are an Aber when your friend tells you some horrific event that has happened to them and you respond with "what if" possibilities of positive outcomes.


Yesterday a small plane crashed into a house a couple blocks from mine. The pilot was killed and my first thought was, "now that guy is on the leading edge!"


On the cruise, a lovely lady fell down the stairs right in front of us, hitting her head on the landing, and I went and sat with her for awhile (and encouraged her to relax and get cozy) while she gathered her resources to figure out what next action step to take. They wanted to call 911 for her and she was resisting. I just said, "What if the doctor is your soul mate?" She immediately put her head back down again and let them make the call.

She said later, "that's when I knew you were an Aber!"

Dolores Carney

I know I'm an Aber when my son complains, "You never worry about anything!" and, while I try to be sympathetic to his feelings (he sees that as not caring about him & his feelings), inside I'm laughing and saying, "Nope! I'm not worried about anything. Isn't that great?"


You know you're an Aber if when you get sick and you ask the U how you attracted it, and then have the thrill of clearing up the resistant thought and being sling-shot into wellness, thrilled to be in a place even better than ever.

You know you're an Aber when you want something and you're more excited about the alignment of your energy than the actual manifestation of it.


Your "work" day consists of playing with your dogs, having lunch with your wonderful husband, going to see a movie, then getting coffee and chocolate and relaxing in your hot tub. which is what I did today)


A beloved someone tells you about a serious political event about which you would have been up in arms pre-Abe and you just put on a serious face and don't add *anything* to the conversation and think to yourself, "I don't want to think or talk about this because it doesn't make me feel good".

Dianne (laptop)

The weatherman insists there is a storm front moving in that will be dumping  15 cm. of snow in the area that you are making a two hour drive into. You when say to yourself - "I intend my trip to be on clean roads with little traffic and make it you my hotel in record time"...and you do! :) (and then make the return trip 2 days later and the snow never did materialize.

Abraham-Hicks Faces