Jenntly  Awaken



Jenn Fay RScP, RYT, MA

We all have our challenges in life and part of knowing a person means knowing how they've been challenged. Because I was born with the non-correctable status of legally blind, I began life with more than the usual challenges. Although I can see, I don't see well and I let this circumstance cause me to live as a victim until my mid-thirties. This disempowered state makes life really hard. Finally tiring of the struggle, I sought and learned that if I only lived from the human perspective, life would be disappointing. Sacred Guidance led me to awaken to a new reality, a greater truth than appearances. Through yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling, spiritual classes, reading books, & spiritual coaching, I found a new perspective.

Spiritual Truth set me free from the challenge of not seeing well and revealed gifts that are greater than any limitation, loss, or pain. Awakening toward wisdom, love, and peace allowed me to find the wonder and joy that was there all along. It's there for us all as we choose lives that make our hearts sing and make a difference.

Living from the vision of making a difference, I was inspired to change. I became a teacher of writing, a spiritual coach, and a yoga and meditation teacher. My newest passion of facilitating retreats creates an open window for others to have a vision for life. Retreats take us away from regular routines. We look past what is, what was, and consider what could be. We open to a Divinely Inspired Idea, a thought, a possibility. When we dare to feel the Inspiration of this Idea, momentum builds and we face the fear of change. When fears arise, I am willing to hold the high watch, to counsel, support, and pray until the shift comes and Spiritual Truth is revealed. I believe there is a Sacred Vision, a Heart-Calling Inspired Idea, for every area of life - relationships, work, play, finance, health - that brings fulfillment and joy to life.

My heart joyfully sings as I live a life that reflects my changed perspective. Keeping my focus on the peace and love that reside within me, and flow through and as me, my consciousness expands and my presence creates a safe place for others while they embrace change and find their balance and footing. Through conversations that explore feelings and fears, we move forward in trust. Additionally, spiritual practices and rituals mystically shift perspective and we see with new eyes. We feel grounded in both realms - our beloved Earth and the Mystical.

Life is evolving as more people are becoming awake to the wonder of their true Spiritual Essence and what that means as far as what is possible. When we experience the synchronicity of a Universe that guides us to be in the right place at the perfect time, there's a shift and we perceive the world differently. We trust more and are forever grateful.




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