Jenn Fay RScP, RYT, MA




The Sweet Experience of Retreating

For me, to retreat means to move out of one's usual routines with an intention. For example, we may to deepen our connection with Nature, with Spirit, or other people; we may want the solitude & peace of time alone; we may want to change how we feel about a challenging circumstance or relationship at home or at work; we may want to shift our awareness to a new possibility or open to Sacred Guidance for change.

Most retreats have a spiritual component where there is time in the experience/activities of the theme and time in the experience of simply "being" alone to reflect and contemplate.

My intention is to create a safe place for people on retreat so that they feel at ease. I always give people permission to follow their guidance about this retreat experience. If they would rather be alone, sleep in, spend more time in the woods or by the river instead of being with the group or participating in the group activities, then that is what is best. There is no judgment or pressure to do anything. Being gentle is always my approach & honoring people's needs & desires is my intention.

Here is a sampling of some possible retreat themes & ideas to choose from. We are not limited to these themes:

©    Giving from the Heart - opening to Sacred Service in what's ours to be & do


©    Writing a New Story - shifting perspective about what was, what is, & what could be


©    Spiritual Journaling - write about what matters most & feel the power of our words


©    Sharing the Intangibles that Affirm Life - witness the sharing as we listening with our heart


©    Affirmative Prayer - learn the power of your words when framed in a "Spiritual Mind Treatment" with a focus on Love, Peace, Harmony, Wholeness, & Joy


©    Relax, Renew, Rejoice, Retreat - enjoy the wonders of sacred rituals like drumming, dancing, walking a labyrinth, receiving energy medicine, massage, or yoga


©    Connecting with the Healing Power of Nature - learn how Native Peoples commune with & receive valuable guidance from the Natural world 

©    On Angel Wings - learn to open to the Spiritual Support that is always available


©    Spiritual Practices – guidance & experience with a variety of spiritual practices to create and maintain a sacred relationship with one's Spiritual Source - affirmative prayer, meditation, sacred dance, yoga, walking meditation, chanting, visioning, and journaling.


©    Creative Expression – drawing from The Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron, we create a vision about our lives in relation to being creative


©    Writing to Enhance Life – writing about life reveals themes of interest & we fall in love with our lives and ourselves in the process


©    Evolving Through the Chakras - yoga is powerful practice to move the energy of each energy center called chakras, which helps shift perspective, & heal the different areas of our lives  


©    Medicine Wheel/Spirit Quest - using the ancient traditions of the Medicine Wheel, we open to powerful guidance for our lives     


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