Jenntly  Awaken

Spiritual Life Coach



Jenn Fay RScP, RYT, MA




What does this sort of awakening mean?

I refer to my services as "Jenntle Awakening" because it helps describe my approach in helping us wake up to who we are beyond the physical life we mostly identify with.

Gentle is what I think life is meant to be instead of hard or harsh. A gentle approach usually gets better results because we're not forcing something. To be awakened gently would be my choice because to be awakened forcefully or harshly feels like a "two-by-four" over the head method. It's a common enough experience to have that sort of awakening that comes from some extreme life event, but not what we would choose. If we awaken gently & consciously, I believe we may avoid some of the harsh slaps meant to wake us up with urgency.

Let's awakened over time, knowing it is Divinely Orchestrated. Let's choose a gradual evolution rather than the stress of "change now or else." All of life's events seem to be moving us toward this deepening state of awareness beyond the usual human experience. It is being attuned to the subtleties beyond appearances & the Sacred Guidance that is always being broadcast just for us, but often goes unnoticed due to the numerous distractions of life.

Living from an awakened state is a process. It is a practice requiring vigilance. This new way of being may feel burdensome at first. It's just like learning anything new; once we've had enough practice, it starts to feel easy. The gentle approach creates ease, cuts us lots of slack in our human process that wants to procrastinate or resist change, even though it's our desire & positive. A gentle approach to evolution simply asks us to set an intention to be & do what is required to attain the result we desire. If we stay centered in peace & trust most of the time, & feel connected to life, we will live more consciously awake. This approach definitely makes life more serene, interesting, & certainly more meaningful & rich with experiences that are somewhat hard to explain.

When a person is awake & centered in life, open to Guidance, & willing to trust what comes, life can feel rather magical. Synchronicities are revealed that can't be ignored or denied, not that you'd want to deny what looks like magic. When awake, life has certain clarity about it, even if the details of how something will come to be aren't clear. There's a deep sense of trusting the process & going with the flow. There is less stress because there's no need to force anything. We allow life to unfold with Divine Timing. That doesn't mean we sit back & wait; it means setting intentions about what we want, taking sincere action to let the Powers That Be know we're serious, & anticipating a wonderful outcome. The outcome may look different than what we imagined, but we are awake enough to recognize the fulfilment when we see it, even if it's wearing unfamiliar clothing.  

The practices I utilize in the awakening process are yoga, meditation, retreats, life coaching, book study, journaling, & being present to the life that is revealing itself. This life that is being revealed through my life & your life holds all the Power & Wisdom of the Universe. It also holds a strong desire to BE - to express & experience life in form in a never-ending journey of something new. That's why each of us are so unique - to provide the one of kind experience for the One Life Expression. We get to choose which path to take, but I believe the ultimate outcome is guaranteed - to know we are deeply loved without condition, to know we are capable of loving unconditionally, & to find our unique delivery system for shining that love into the world. It's through the process of shining that we are joyfully fulfilled & yet, we continuously feel the prompt to be even more. Let me be clear; this is not a critical prompt left over from childhood about not being enough. It is an inspired prompt, reminding us that we are amazing & yet, there is always another layer of amazement, another means of creative expression to explore, or another way to be of service. It is a prompt so that we never get bored, for there is always, always, always something more to see, to be, to do, or to set free. Life is eternal in this way even while we are in the body.

 I am here to support people through the process of being, of changing, of becoming all that they desire. I am willing to be of this service because I know that each person holds a key to the puzzle of human evolution. Each person's contribution matters, no matter how insignificant society names it. I know each life matters & sometimes without the validation that we matter, we simply won't believe it & we won't risk being & doing what is ours to be & do. I like to think that having someone like myself, who gleams the Spiritual Truth about life, who sees the truth about who each person really is, & holds the high watch for them, makes a huge difference in their willingness to risk, to try, to put ourselves out there, & find the comfortable footing that sets them free & lets their hearts to sing.                         

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