Video Transfer Services in Northern Virginia

Available Services and Prices

David W. Gordon, owner

 Professional video transfer since 1983

Supported Media for transfer to or from any media listed below:

Analog video formats available: Beta, VHS, Super VHS, 8mm video: (regular 8, Hi8 and Digital 8), Digital: Mini DV,  DVD, VCD. Transfer of old 8mm and Super 8mm film, digital and regular photos,  slides and negatives, and foreign video conversions to or from PAL/Secam/NTSC,  into VHS or DVD format. Audio cassettes and reel to reel tapes, LP Vinyl records all sizes and reel to reel tapes to Audio CDs or MP3 format.


  • Transfer 8mm film ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8 per foot


Add $10.00 for media on film transfers to DVD or VHS format.

Orders over 2,000 feet are no charge for the media.

Add $25.00 to convert the above to any digital format such as MP4 or AVI. 


 (Currently 16mm film transfer is not available)

  • Duplicate up to 2 hours of any format video tape to DVD---------------------  $10.00

Copy DVD to DVD---------------------------------------------------------------- 5.00*

   * Dramatic discounts for quantity.  Custom label and case included.

  • Scan and transfer slides or prints to video with simple music background, includes basic Photoshop corrections for optimum quality.  95 ea.

Transfer slides or prints to video with custom music background,

(certain songs with certain pictures)

 Additional charge-        5.00/song

Custom music with images must be pre-calculated to allow for 5-7 seconds per image.



MP4 or AVI format for any service rendered..................................25.00 per DVD created.


Digital photos made into DVD with music - 10.00 plus  20 per image, over 100 images just 10 per image.

Dissolve and fade effects are provided.   Music for above must be in MP3 format or on a provided CD.  Downloading purchase of songs is available at $1.00 each.  Converting audio CD to MP3 format- 3.00/song

(Custom music with images must consider pre-calculation for time per image for best results)


Audio transfer of LPs and cassettes to Audio CD (one track up to 80 min) --- 12.00 - 15.00

Conversion to or from DVD or VHS from PAL/Secam format to VHS or DVD  10.00

 Repair of damaged tape.............................................................................VHS   7.00 - 10.00 (depending on damage)

                                                                                Other tape formats              10.00 - 15.00

                 Editing that involves complex instruction--------------------------------  25.00/hr.

                                 (very simple editing is N/C normally, but based on time involved)

Credit Card or Paypal Payments

Mail orders please use address below.  Call or email prior to shipping. 

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Call first before coming, 703-655-6841 

I am on the road often for my clients.

References available.

 make all checks payable to:  David W. Gordon


507 Florida Av.  Herndon, VA 20170 - 703-655-6841